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Dyslexia Assistive Technology

Speaker: Dr Ian Smythe

The Kildonan School on 30/11/2011
There is a recent blog post on The Kildonan School website that was written after one of our staff members attended Tech Forum New York 2011. The topic of the post is>assistive technology for dyslexia, and we are hoping that it will be very informative to anyone viewing this video. As educators, we must strive to help every student reach their full potential. As we move into the future, technology will play a major part in that effort.

Hannah Urkowitz on 27/02/2011
I am a 25 year old dyslexic/ dyscalculic graphic designer. I work with technology everyday, but sometimes my biggest obstacle is sending a legible email or entering data with out looking at the page 10 times, so it's clear I didn't make an error. The more technology adapts for dyslexics the easier it will be when we make our transitions into college and work. Because as important as it is to self advocate it's even more important to feel self reliant.

About this talk: Dr Ian Smythe provides an insight how technology can help with the day-to-day problems that many dyslexics face. Many of these are easily accessible and are free to use.

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