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Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Overlapping Learning Difficulties

Speaker: Professor Amanda Kirby

simulation rachat de credit on 19/02/2011
tres interessant, merci

MFR on 12/10/2010
rachael - Yawn, typically ignorant misinformed response. I have dyspraxia (alone) and teach children with dyslexia. Dyslexia and dyspraxia can occur separately or together, and they occur across social classes and cultures. This has nothing to do with politics.

anne k on 06/10/2010
I found this talk very representative of the real experience we have had as a family since one of our children was diagnosed as dyspraxic. Although the diagnosis can be helpful in understanding the condition I feel it is all too easy to use it as a label and not explore the reality of how to make life work for a child with these different abilities. It can be devastating to a child's self esteem if they think that they will never be any goood at certain things and that there is no point trying. My child was told by her teacher that she wasn't any good at handwriting and that she should just accept it.She has won several prizes for creative writing but she could have been discouraged following those negative comments.

rachael on 05/05/2010
Dr Amanda Kirby gives a talk to parents on how to direct their(middle class)children and help them reach their full potential. Ms Kirby assumes that your child might have dyspraxia and goes on to say that they may also have 'other bits stuck to them.' I'm afraid it is very hard to take this talk seriously.

clifford scamara on 12/03/2010
Just wanted to say I am very impressed with your insight and knowledge concerning dyslexia. I am extremely dyslexic and was tutored all my life. And still can't read or write. Using a speech program I wrote a book called beating dyslexia./discovering the genius in you. I talk about how important it is for parents to focus on their strengths and their talents. Even after being tutored hundreds of thousands of hours I still can't read or write. And in spite of all of this I have managed to be very successful. My creative side became my ticket out. And parents need to hear that they should focus as you mentioned were there strengths are. They say often that Dyslexics are great lateral thinker often for myself this has been very true and has opened many doors for me in Hollywood. Life has been good. I blame it on dyslexia. My book can be found at www

Amy on 12/01/2010
Interesting talk. I think there is definitlely a dyslexia dyspraxia link and I'm sure that dyslexia dyspraxia tendencies often go together.

About this talk: Amanda Kirby describes the co-occurrence of learning difficulties (also known as comorbidity) and how dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD overlap. She discusses the importance of the whole child approach when assessing if your child has any learning issues.

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