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Dyslexia Help: What Dyslexia Parents Can Do

Speaker: Dr Valerie Muter

Aussiemom on 17/07/2012
I would love to say that some of these ideas make a difference to a child with dyslexia and I hope they do - but each dyslexic child is different and each form of dyslexia is different. As much as I read to my child and as much as I wanted to it was not the answer to my issues. After many years of tears and worry at an IEP I heard about Recording for the blind and dyslexic (now called Learning Ally) and there I was able to get my sons books in Audio format, he has his own reader that reads to him while he reads along at his pace, and I have been saved from the upset and internal tears. There are other software tools we have invested in but the Non-profit Learning Ally has been the true blessing and the end of many tears from both my son and me. Well worth investigating if you are at a standstill like I was. My 14 year old can now talk to his friends about books he read and not be embarrassed that he is reading books two years behind his grade level.

Patsy Lowe on 31/05/2011
I think your talk was great but I have a 11 year old boy and 13year old girl that both have Dyslexia. I also have the condishion. I want to help both my children and myself. any advice would be great.

Suzy (Member) on 05/10/2010
I agree with Iris, a good talk but I'm also looking for information for teenage dyslexic children. I have a 12 yr old dyslexic son, who struggles with spelling, very slow handwriting and maths. Can anyone please help.

Iris on 12/01/2010
Intersting talk but my child is a little older. Is there any advice on dyslexia help for older children that I can find. Particulary interested in what dyslexia help strategies there are to help my son who is 13 and had dyslexia.

About this talk: Dr Valerie Muter gives and insight into how parents can help their children to cope with dyslexia and provide dyslexia help. She gives a view of both what can be done in the early years and the middle years.

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